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Sustainable Planning & Design



Fully committed to sustainable design, from Master planning to building design, strategic management to positive marketing. YVM Design aims to bridge the gap between scales of design and between the Natural and the Human Built Environment. See the "About" page for more information.

Sustainable Community Planning, Urban Design

​​As architecture serves individuals, Community Planning and Urban Design serve a society. Integrative design for the Whole.

Sustainable planning assures that this scale of design answers not only, individual, social, political, economical needs, but respects above all, Nature.

Sustainable Architectural design

Architecture: a mirror of its user. Architecture is at its highest when it bonds to, blends, melts with, serves, helps, supports, adjusts, changes its clients. See "a word about sustainability for more information".

Sustainable Architectural Design: design that successfully serves its purpose, program and users' needs, in synchronicity with Nature, without compromising the Environment, nor comfortable, beautiful and elegant design.

Marketing and strategic sustainable management

Successful projects, socially and economically sustainable require, ​not only good, smart, environmentally-aware design, but a strong idea, and successful engagement with clients and the public and/or marketing target.

Strong visual and oral communication skills, as well as a very good understanding of the interlocutor, is fundamental.

CAN DO Hawaii

Across the board sustainable solutions




CAN DO was founded to help the community think and act green. By providing the support, expertise, knowledge, and understanding of Environmental, Social and Economic needs, we bring awareness and real solutions that will help you transition onto a sustainable lifestyle.

CAN DO is committed to helping you build and live with a small footprint in synchronicity with Nature, without compromising neither good design nor comfort, by demonstrating that living sustainably doesn’t mean “living without”. It’s not only possible, it’s easy, fun and cool.

CanDo-Hawaii  is particularly involved with the development of alternative green, small, compact, efficient and affordable solutions geared to Hawaii’s needs and its unique Environment context.


CAN is short for shipping containers.  Shipping containers are our core structural building elements.
DO emphasizes today’s paradigm of adjustment and the infinite possibilities that shipping containers can offer. It’s not time to think. It’s time to act, to get it done.
CAN DO, is our ultimate attitude towards life and towards you. Yes, it is possible. A much needed positive spin to today’s challenging times. We’re here to help you.


Yara partnered with Gary Seals to develop fun container projects. Together they can provide you with a full DESIGN/BUILT service. Container projects, completely transformed, equipped, with integrated solar and water catchment systems that allow you to be completely off the grid.

Gary and Yara share a common passion for container projects and sustainable living solutions.

About Gary Seals:

Gary is a jack of all trades and a master in many of them.
A successful entrepreneur, Gary owns a Solar energy business,  and together with his wife, one of the most successful organic farms on Kauai. Gary is our Alternative Energy specialist, and highly knowledgeable in organic farming and broadly experienced with building with shipping containers.

Container Projects

Shipping containers are a major byproduct of today’s consumerism society. In particular, in the USA, shipping containers fill up miles of Port dockyards across the country, discarded, like trash. Mountains of Corten Steel and structurally sound structures without further use. Utilizing them as our major construction element is a core process of green thinking and green acting. Containers are: modular, sturdy, reusable, recyclable, allow multiple fre-fab, cost effective, Termite/fire/earthquake, hurricane resistant, fast to build with, mobile...

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