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Off the Grid Container Studio

A 8’x20’ shipping container is converted into a getaway retreat for one (or two).
Compact well organized 160sf packed with program and stacking functions. Maximum efficiency with a small footprint. Comfortable and surprisingly spacious for its size.
Perfectly integrated into its tropical environment with an outside shower. AY small exterior deck extends the living space bonding with Nature.

A small solar system powers the LED lights and an energy-efficient refrigerator.

A simple water catchment is used for a small vegetable garden.

Know how... Kwow
​3 shipping containers form a functional yet elegant open space layout and a surprising retreat master suite with its own private deck and outside paradise jungle shower.
Solar Shed & Ag Storage, Kauai
2011, CanDo-Hawaii

One container and shed structure for a solar system and a spacious tool storage underneath.

Perfectly integrated recessed into grade for a small building scale.

Solar Shed & Ag Storage, Kauai

2011, CanDo-Hawaii

Two containers develop a compact, small footprint for a Solar Shed, ag storage, guest room and multi-functional open space for social gatherings.

Container Studio
2011, 2012

A small affordable container conversion into a self-sufficient studio for a single person. Built

Container Residence, Oahu

Project: Sitting on a steep site, four 40’ containers make a small private residence for two, cantilevering out to the magnificent views of the North Shore of Oahu.

Responsibilities: Architect Project manager, designing in close collaboration with the principal architect. 3dmodels and cad work.

This is a De Jesus Architecture & Design project.

For more information visit www.dejesusarchitecture. com

Temporary living pods

Concept diagrams developed for the particular need of temporary farm workers on AG land on Kauai and Hawaii. Temporary, small, off-the-grid and portable structures are a fundamental

Design a Shelter Competition

Design a Shelter - Guggenheim ideas competition 2009.
Project requirements: A 100sf max shelter for Sleep and Study, with no utilities.
Entry specs: a 8x10 ISO container, with a retractable bunk and desk and multi-functional stool/chair. Color pallets assure perfect integration in any context, from Urban Plaza to Wild Nature.

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