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Copenhagen, Denmark


International ideas competition for the development of the City of the Future, 100
hectares located in the North East of Copenhagen in an old industrial area.
Requirements: 40.000 residents/jobs/bikes.
A rainbow approach (holistic approach) is developed reinforcing a not just “green”, but all colors approach. Stacked functions, no-zoning zoning approach, with mix use and community-oriented, maximizing synergies between neighborhood development strategies to building design for optimal sustainable living solutions

Europan 8 - International Ideas Competition
1st prize
Chiampo, Italy

​“Chiampo, Building with Nature” - Sustainable Design

Context: quarries & environmental re-qualification.
Program: hotel, entertainment sports, outdoors, residential houses
Principal architect: Cristiana Eusepi
Award: 1st prize
Date: 2006


Rocinha, Brazilian Slum - Urban regeneration
Rio de Janeiro

Study for urban regeneration and inclusive design, development of social and economic synergies of s Slum in Rio de Janeiro

Sustainable Master Planning

A client seeks help to fine-tune a complex program on the property. Site analysis and master planning are two major steps to secure a sustainable Built Environment that meets the Client's needs in the long run.
Master planning is based on a holistic approach, and include site, weather, and sun analysis, the development of strategies for public and private paths, farm dedication, water catchment and solar orientation for optimal building location as well as the integration of a wetland ecological black water management.
Building Design to follow once Program and Master Plan phases are well defined.

Lampuk Peace Park

Lampuuk peace and tsunami memorial park. Located in the most devastated village after the 2006 tsunami. Architects without boarders in Seattle are in charge for the master plan and the building design. Sustainability, cultural inputs and modernity are part of the concept, connecting local materials and techniques with new & green technologies.


Sustainable Master Planing, WA

​Port Thousand, WA

Master plan phase for a residential development, integrating sustainable community development practices with public spaces, gathering spaces, gardens and living machine for on site ecological waste water treatment.

Port Thousand, Washington

Venezia Subway


Research Project:

Site, metropolitan area analysis,
traffic, and concept development
of subway stations.

Venezia, Italy

Planning and Urban Design


Multiple projects, from regional planning, urban planning, urban regeneration, urban design and community development

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